Picturing Science Process

Classroom Instruction By Lori Phillips Ed.D.


This short film shares the advantages of including observational drawing and art as a vehicle to other for teaching other content areas. It shares the art of various age students who have participated.

Building Background

This clip models inquiry strategies that can be used to look at images/art before we begin to observe and draw on creating our own images.

Collecting Images

This clip models how to assist students in slowing down and observing what they see. It models strategies and shares images created while using this process.

Collecting Words

This clip models how to pull the language out of the observational drawings. Labeling and adding nouns, verbs and adjectives begins to develop rich descriptive sentences.

Creating Images

This clip models simple techniques using color to paint finished paintings.

Creating Words

This clip models how to begin to use the words you collected from your images to create rich descriptive text using visual analogies.

Presenting Work

This clip shows the importance of students sharing their work with others. They practice presenting their words so to make their images come alive.


This clip shows students reviewing the content learned using academic language.

Multi-Modality Vocabulary Instruction